In the Shade of the Mighty Oaks, Houston, Texas (DSC00481) - Keith Dotson

I felt the oaks’ embrace,
The gentle acceptance
Of their long branches,
Brush over me tenderly
And whisper in my ears,
You are safe here
You belong here.
And my body relaxed
And my fears surrendered,
I felt held in kindness.

Was I an oak in a previous life?
I feel a kindred connection
With their twisted branches
And amputated limbs,
Scars of past hardships
Of a life that knows suffering
And has grown past it.

I find solace among the oaks
I feel my sorrows echo theirs.
The harsh winds of illness
Have blown my life apart.
Yet, spring will come,
And green buds will appear
Defiant, determined.

I find solace among the oaks
I feel my pain has found a mate.
I can open my heart to them
And know it will be safe.
They will listen to my distress
With unremitting kindness
And whisper back tenderly
That, I too, can grow past this.

Image credits: “In the Shade of the Mighty Oaks”, Keith Dotson Photography.

10 thoughts on “Solace Among Oaks (Poem)

  1. Beautiful words that create a feeling and place of safeness and understanding. I will come back here many many times to “be”. Thank you-


  2. Beautiful, thank you for sharing this Sylvie! I so appreciate this expression of kinship and support from the natural world. May your healing continue!


  3. Glad your friend encouraged you to share. Poetry is a powerful support in times of uncertainty, fear and confusion. I’ve been drawn to poems recently so yours is quite welcomed.


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