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It’s been a long and harsh winter.
Sickness, politics, and fear,
Have crushed many of us down.
But spring is coming to town
It’s time for new beginnings.
Join in as we celebrate
Renewal, hope and kinship.

Our ancestral mother earth
Is throwing a potluck party
And everyone is warmly welcome.
Nature puts on its spring tones
And is waiting for you to join.
Share with friends and followers
With hashtag #springneedsyou.

Date: March 20th onwards
Where: Your nearest park
Host: Gaia, Mother Earth goddess
Dress code: Spring hues
What to bring: A dish made with joy

Enjoyed this post? Share the wonder; share it with others.
Leave us a comment below. Tell us how spring makes you feel.

This post was inspired from a verse in Rainer Maria Rilke’s first elegy: “the spring-times needed you deeply.” 


12 thoughts on “Spring is Here: Share the Wonder!

  1. Thank you, Sylvie, for sharing this expression of spirit at a moment when so many of us needed the reminder. It encapsulates perfectly the values you live daily, to inspire people to operate from their truest selves and to connect authentically with others, with their environment, to create and derive the greatest value we can in this life. This is the next step in our evolution as human beings – remembering that we ARE human beings, which means that we exist from, of and for nature, and for each other. I have never felt spring more strongly than I do this year. Perhaps because of the intensity of the rains that preceded them, the intoxicating fragrance of the blossoms takes my breath away as never before. Wishing you a breathtaking spring!

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    1. Thank you Lucia for your beautiful comment. I am glad my invitation resonated with you and touched your heart. Thank you for expressing it so beautifully. Wishing you a happy spring and everlasting wonder.


  2. Thank you, Sylvie, for such a great reminder that we need to shift our minds away from what I can get from this world to one that asks: what does this world need from me? Why was I put here on earth? What is my purpose and reason to be here? For me to leave the confines of my little ‘self’ and ask such a bigger question feels, oddly enough, liberating! Yes, Spring needs us, needs me – how could I have missed that all these years? Was I so self-centered that I did not see the beauty of this planet around me? Was I so caught in my own needs, often petty, that I did not see this larger picture before me?
    Am so thankful that you are reminding me – us – of a perspective that frees me from my own imprisonment of want and desires.
    Thank you, Spring, for coming back – even though you must have felt a bit hurt that I have been ignoring you for so long…
    Happy Spring!

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  3. After a week marked by snow days on the East Coast, it’s with great anticipation and longing for change that my daughter and I welcomed spring yesterday. Lots of walking spent noticing buds and planning for future runs along rovers and bodies of water. For me water and spring go together – well water is always needed, such a powerful force for growth, dreaming and more!
    looking forward to share pix with #springneedsyou.


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