After experiencing the drama of the cancer patient, I vowed to myself to devote my life to improve the cancer experience for all. Cancer treatment imposes excess suffering on already depleted patients. A good portion of this suffering could be avoided with a greater understanding of the patient experience. My objective is to leverage my transdisciplinary background to help medical professionals address unmet needs and improve cancer care.

Medical Publication

I published a paper in the Journal of the Patient Experience describing my radiation therapy experience, with recommendations for oncology providers on how to improve it. It became one of the highest-scoring articles in the journal and received more than 1,600 downloads. Medical professionals have called it “eye-opening and immediately useful”.

Widely-Read Blog

I author a widely-read and influential blog, followed by thousands of patients, medical providers, and non-medical caregivers. My blog uniquely blends the personal and the universal to illustrate and reveal the unseen suffering of cancer patients. Cancer patients repetitively thank me for giving them a voice and putting words to experiences they could not articulate. And non-cancer havers routinely relay their appreciation for the eye-opening insights that help them better understand the cancer experience. Responses to my blog have been phenomenal. My blog posts are among the top 1% most shared media articles, reaching 100 countries.

Patient Design Expertise

I combine a unique background in STEM, human-centered design, and innovation. Before cancer, I spent a career helping innovative companies identify and address unmet consumer needs and create superior user experiences. I also taught design thinking workshops at Google and design innovation firms. This expertise enables me to bring unparalleled insights to researchers and healthcare providers seeking to improve cancer outcomes. I am not only an expert in the lived experience of cancer (as other patient advocates do), but I also have professional expertise turning unmet needs into actionable insight and solutions.

Work With Me

If you would like to work with me or invite me to speak, please contact me here.