After personally experiencing the drama of the cancer patient, I vowed to myself to devote the rest of my life to improve the cancer experience for all. To date, a good portion of the suffering of cancer havers is unaddressed because it is not visible to outside observers. With a greater understanding of the human experience of cancer, the suffering of millions of cancer patients could be reduced and cancer outcomes could be vastly improved. My objective is to help researchers and medical providers recognize and address these unmet needs to advance cancer care.

Viral Blog

I author a popular blog on the human experience of cancer, which that has become viral and reaches 60 countries. My writing uniquely blends the personal and the universal to illustrate and reveal the unseen suffering of cancer patients. Cancer havers repetitively thank me for giving them a voice and putting words to experiences they hadn’t been able to articulate. Non-cancer havers also relay their appreciation for the eye-opening insights that help them better understand the cancer experience. The responses and engagement have been phenomenal, beyond anything I could have expected. My posts are now among the top 1% most shared blog posts on the web.

Medical Publication

I published a paper in the Journal of the Patient Experience describing my cancer radiation experience, with recommendations for oncology providers on how to improve it. It was ranked among the highest-scoring articles of the journal and received more than 1,300 downloads.

Digital Influence

My voice gets heard and amplified. I have thousands of followers on social media, and my blog posts receive thousands of shares. My last post Cancer is the Loneliness Place received 3X more shares than the average New York Times article!

Invite Me to Speak

I have a background in the performing arts and love to speak in public. I’m always happy to speak on podcasts, conferences, and companies, to share my journey and inspire, educate, and help stakeholders improve the cancer patient experience. If you would like to invite me to speak, please contact me here.

Work With Me

I have a unique multidisciplinary background in science, technology, leadership, marketing, human-centered design, and communication. I am excited to apply these skills to work and collaborate with research and medical professionals to advance cancer care. If you would like to explore how we may be able to collaborate, please contact me here.

Special areas of interest include the oncology experience, clinical trials, cancer research, early detection, population science, cancer prevention, cancer survivorship, cancer disparities, policy advocacy, and palliative care.


Board Member, Stanford Cancer Center Patient and Family Advisory Council, 2019.