Sylvie Leotin is an entrepreneur, author, and polymath, straddling the worlds of business, technology, healthcare, and the humanities. A gold-medal ballerina, and robotics scientist, she artfully combines deep analytical and perceptive skills.

Sylvie’s unconventional career path crosses industries, disciplines, continents, and cultures. Moving from France to Silicon Valley, she was one of the first women to research at Stanford Robotics Laboratory. Equally at ease in multiple domains and industries, Sylvie has held positions in engineering, products, marketing, sales, business development, and communications.

She is the founder and CEO of Tech Atelier, a multidisciplinary strategy agency advising startups and organizations in multiples industries. Best known as a creative intellectual, Sylvie uniquely combines technology and industry expertise with stellar communications skills and a flair for understanding people’s unvoiced needs.

Following a life-altering cancer experience, Sylvie started a blog on the human experience of cancer, which has become widely shared around the world. She is also a contributor to media, academic, and literary publications. Sylvie holds an MS in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University, an MS in Computer Science from ENSIIE, and a gold medal in ballet from France’s National Conservatory. She studied maths, physics, and music in undergraduate.

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