One of the most vital skills for human and business flourishing, empathy has been  widely misunderstood and under-cultivated in the workplace. The majority of companies use empathy inefficiently –– and derive subpar benefits. Few companies realize the full potential of empathy. (Think Disney). This workshop offers a practical path to cultivate empathy effectively to improve patient outcomes.

A Clarifying View of Empathy

One of the problems with cultivating empathy stems from the lack of clarity around what is empathy is, and what it is not. The terms emotional empathy, cognitive empathy and sympathy are often used interchangeably, when they have different meanings. Some people use the term empathy to refer to emotional empathy. “Feeling the feelings of another”. Other use the word empathy to refer to cognitive empathy. “Taking another’s perspective”. 

The fact is, empathy is not one-size-fits-all entity, but rather a multidimensional construct. It comes in multiple flavors. Each has pros and cons.

This workshop offers a clarifying view of empathy that will help participants easily differentiate the various types of empathy. The differences between emotional empathy, cognitive empathy, sympathy and compassion will be very clear to you after attending this workshop.

Making Empathy Practical and Rewarding

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Another problem with empathy is that it’s often seen (and/or experienced) as a win-lose proposition. The recipient of empathy is the winner, and the giver the loser. With such views, there is little incentive to cultivate empathy. Empathy becomes a should, or a depletant for practitioners.

There are cases where the recipient also loses. These cases are not often talked about, but happen more often than not. This is the instance when the giver makes an effort to be empathetic, but the receiver doesn’t perceive their action as empathetic –– and in worst cases gets unintendedly harmed or hurt.  In such situations, both the giver and the receiver lose. The giver makes an effort that isn’t rewarded. The recipient doesn’t benefit. In healthcare this may manifest in physician burnout and patient stress and dissatisfaction.

This workshop will offer tools to make empathy beneficial for givers and receivers.

The Empathy 2.0 Workshop


The Empathy 2.0 Workshop offers a clarifying view of empathy, and practical tools healthcare organizations can apply to make empathy actionable and rewarding to practice.  Participants will learn:

  • A framework to clarify empathy, and understand the differences between emotional empathy, cognitive empathy, and sympathy
  • A repeatable process to cultivate and use empathy to create win-win outcomes
  • The why and how some forms of empathy cause unintentional harm
  • Techniques to avoid the pitfalls of empathy and reduce burnout
  • Practical tools to make an empathic human connections with anyone, anytime.

Request a Workshop

We offer workshops to companies privately. The duration of the workshops is typically one day (or two half days). To discover how Empathy 2.0 can benefit your team or organization contact us for a free consultation.

About the Facilitator

Sylvie Leotin is an entrepreneur, consultant and cancer survivor, with long cross-industry experience of understanding customer needs. A polymath with a rich multidisciplinary background, Sylvie is a gold-medal ballerina, award-winning computer scientist, deep thinker and writer. [Sylvie Leotin Biography.]

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