A former gold medal ballerina and robotics scientist, I share an equal love for science, technology, and the liberal arts. After 20 years of working in a wide range of technology and entrepreneurship roles, I got hit by cancer, and my life came to a halt.

I started to write my cancer journey. And through the process, I discovered a new voice I hadn’t heard before. My authentic voice. Buried for so long. The voice of a person who can describe the profound layers of the human experience with astonishing clarity. The voice of a person who can see beauty amidst the devastation. The voice of a person who can give voice to the unvoiced suffering in the hearts of others.

As I woke up from cancer, I realized that amidst the devastating losses, I had been given a front-row seat in the drama of the cancer patient. I had been given a chance to observe the players and characters up close. I also realized that my years of meditation practice had offered me the skills to see the unseen layers of the cancer experience.

I realized that I could use my writing skills to document and meticulously describe this experience. Thus allowing people who never had cancer to discover what it’s like to be a cancer patient. And allowing cancer havers to make sense of experiences they hadn’t been able to articulate. 

Writing took me on a whole new adventure. I had no idea when I started blogging that my blog would resonate so strongly and reach more than 100 countries. That my posts would and receive more shares than the average New York Times article! All this was totally unforeseeable. Seeing the impact of my blog inspired me to write a book on the cancer experience –– which I am working on now.

Beyond writing, my mission is to improve the cancer experience for all. Upon recovering from cancer, I started a company, Equify Health, to advance health equity in cancer care.

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