Who Should Attend

Researchers, physicians, and biomedical professionals seeking to increase their understanding of the patient experience to improve cancer outcomes. You will learn a groundbreaking framework to discover the patient experience from the inside out.

Why This Workshop

This workshop was developed by a creative survivor, with a unique background in science, technology, design, and art. After experiencing the drama of the cancer patient, she vowed to herself to apply her skills to improve the cancer experience for all. She believes that cancer outcomes could be significantly improved with an enhanced understanding of the lived patient experience. To substantiate her views, she published a widely-read medical journal article revealing a gap in understanding of patient needs in radiation therapy.

The Problem

Despite advances in cancer research the human experience of cancer patients remains largely misconstrued. Medical research focuses on treating cancer cells and overlooks the lived experience of patients. Oncology providers focus on maximizing performance indicators and deliver treatments that add unnecessary stress on already depleted patients. By focusing on treating the disease, medical providers often fail to address the human needs of patients, making the cancer experience more arduous than they imagine.

What You will Learn

The Embodied Patient Experience Workshop was designed to address this gap and empower medical providers to discover the lived patient experience from the inside out. Blending storytelling, visual thinking, and embodied thinking practices, this mind-opening workshop will change the way you look at cancer patients. You will gain powerful insights to expand your understanding of the cancer experience and improve cancer outcomes.

About the Facilitator

Sylvie Leotin is a creative survivor, consultant, and polymath, blending storytelling and embodied thinking to help healthcare providers discover the lived experience of cancer patients. Applying these tools to her writing, she authors one of the most successful cancer blogs on the human experience of cancer. She teaches workshops and consults with innovative companies in multiple sectors.