Business Empathy Science TechnologyBEST is a new model to integrate Empathy into Business, Science and Technology to unlock human potential and fuel innovation.

Empathy has been widely misunderstood and misconstrued in business, technology, and society. Yet, it is vital for human flourishing. Drawing on multidisciplinary research and experience in business, science, psychology and mindfulness, BEST offers a new powerful framework to help organizations harness empathy to unlock potential and fuel sustainable growth.

The rewards of empathy are exponential yet vastly untapped –– due in large part to misconceptions and a lack of tools to cultivate empathy. Cutting through the fog and fuzziness obscuring empathy, BEST offers a clarifying view of the construct of empathy, designed for practical use by businesses and research institutions.

Practical Applications

On a practical level, businesses use BEST to unlock potential and uncover human insights competitors can’t replicate. UX researchers and design thinking practitioners use BEST to make deeper connections with users, and discover unarticulated needs below surface needs. Product teams use BEST to create products that go beyond solving more than functional needs and elevate customers. Customer success teams use BEST to anticipate disatisfaction triggers and make customer feel deeply heard.

Curious to learn more? Please contact us here discuss how BEST can help your company or organization. We offer innovative seminars and workshops, including the following:

  • Uncovering Human Insight: A hands-on workshop applying the BEST model to empower participants to uncover hidden/human insight, data analytics and cognitive tools are insufficient to reveal.
  • Developing Collective Empathy: A hands-on workshop applying the BEST model to help companies unlock human potential inside organizations, and develop a foundation for collective empathy.

About the Author

Sylvie Leotin is an entrepreneur, writer and polymath, with a unique approach to bridging the worlds of business, science, psychology and the humanities. Known as a strategist and creative thinker, she consults and teaches workshop to startups, Fortune 1000 companies and research/educational institutions.