The Refuge of Redwoods (Poem)

Taking refuge in the forest Amidst the tall redwoods Majestic protectors Of all things living. Their cracked brown skin Brings to mind my brown ancestors Still alive among these trees Centuries after centuries. Their resilience exemplary Their strength legendary They’ve overcome severe hardships With awe-inspiring dignity. Settling deeper into the peace I hear them call … Continue reading The Refuge of Redwoods (Poem)

What Scientists Can Learn From Ballet

Let's first establish that dance and science are not so alien disciplines as one may think. As a ballerina and scientist, I've experienced many commonalities. Dr. Root-Bernstein (who co-authored this article) also gathered a wealth of data on the topic. Scientists attending a dance performance will undoubtedly relate to the physicality and geometry of dance. The movement … Continue reading What Scientists Can Learn From Ballet

Portrait of a Scientist as a Jazz Musician

After dance and science, we turn to the soul-feeding realm of jazz. This article will introduce a jazz-scientist, and explore parallels and commonalities between the creative worlds of jazz and science, in the context of creativity and innovation. Portrait of a Jazz-Scientist Rob Schneiderman came to mathematics from jazz. It was not a straight line. He spent … Continue reading Portrait of a Scientist as a Jazz Musician