“Very bold and kicking us all forward!” –– Pascale Blanchard

“Keep writing. Your voice is so important!” –– Evaleen Jones, MD

“The power of the human voice is an amazing thing. You don’t have to have cancer to learn what it means to live. Follow Sylvie Leotin’s blog!” –– Alison Lewis

“You are one brave and eloquent person. Your writing is a gift!”–– Jody Yelland

“So glad you are giving voice to your voice as this makes me stop and think, become more aware – thank you so much for this gift! –– Nader Robert Shabahangi, PhD

“Grateful for your openness, vulnerability, and willingness to channel your pain into a broad compassion.” –– Regina Lazarovich, PhD

“Your courage is bold, beautiful, and strong – just like your writing. Thank you for sharing yourself and your writing.” –– Ali Meyers

“Truly delighted to read your posts. Having worked with cancer patients, I know your voice will be the voice for many. I trust that these heartfelt writings and poems will be like a new form of therapy that heals one’s body and mind. May these writings benefit many people in the world.” –– Ying Chen

“I so appreciate the beauty of your writing and expressing for me those thoughts that I am unable to perceive otherwise. And may more people grow from witnessing your courage and clarity.” –– Gloria Schulz