Brandon Kidwell

What’s It Like Inside The Mind of Another Being?

One of the most vital skills for human and business flourishing, empathy has been  widely misunderstood and under-cultivated in the workplace. Many companies dismiss it and/or use it ineffectively. The problem comes from the fact that empathy has three near enemies. These are states that look like empathy, and are often mistaken for empathy, but are in fact feeble and ineffective forms of empathy. We distinguish between effective empathy (empathy that yields useful insight) and ineffective empathy (empathy that doesn’t yield useful insight), and how to use the former to boost results.

While empathy is used in business books, business frameworks assume that everyone knows how to empathize. It is not the case. Many people fail to use empathy effectively, and as a result organizations often obtain subpar results from design thinking and customer research. We’ve studied the problem for a decade and came to the conclusion that a vital step was missing: a practical process to help companies apply empathy effectively. We’ve called this framework Empathy Thinking.

Whether you are seeking to develop disruptive products, attract and retain diverse talent, or improve existing products to expand market share, the collective capacity of your organization to empathize effectively is the tipping point to lasting success and happiness. Taking a fresh spin on empathy, this informational seminar uniquely integrates multidisciplinary research to make empathy actionable and rewarding to practice in competitive, results-driven environments.

Discover how empathy thinking can help your team work happier/smarter and unlock potential for growth and innovation. Contact us here to request a free seminar for your organization.

Sylvie Leotin is a consultant, writer and polymath, with a unique approach to bridging the worlds of business, technology, philosophy and wisdom. Trusted as a problem solver and creative thinker, she serves as consultant and advisor to startups and Fortune 1000 companies.