In the first chapter of my life, I was an award-winning ballerina, living an embodied life. In the second chapter of my life, I was an award-winning computer scientist and marketing executive, living my head. Now, following a life-altering cancer experience, I am seeking to integrate my mind, body, and heart to live a more meaningful life.

My cancer journey gave me a first-hand experience of the gap in understanding the human needs of cancer patients. This gap, I found, added an extra layer of suffering to my cancer experience. I decided to use my skills to give voice to the million other voiceless cancer patients suffering in silence. Through writing, speaking, and the exploration of new technologies, I aim to bring to light the unseen needs of cancer patients to empower those who care to bridge the gap. Cancer is a black box few people understand unless they’ve had cancer themselves. I hope that my writing can be a resource for medical and non-medical caregivers, and anyone who wants to better understand the human experience of cancer. Thank you for visiting my blog.